Zendeghi is Farsi for life. Because living means to take in those small moments. The times you might look back and miss now. The morning rituals with your family. The quiet evenings spent with your Mom just talking about life. The times spent laughing, being silly, being present. The moments where you lived as you were.

Growing up in a Persian Family our family's moments revolved around tea. Every morning we would spend an extra 5 minutes brewing our own tea. A recipe passed down for generations. Tea was around for every conversation.

Zendeghi is more than tea. It's about life. About coming back to those quiet moments spent with loved ones. Spent with yourself. In a world of instant, Zendeghi is made to be enjoyed slowly. Just as life should be enjoyed, slowly with love, care and presence.


w/ cardamom & rose

The Simurgh is a mythical bird in Persian mythology. So ancient it has seen the destruction of the world three times over again. She has the wisdom of the ages. Living for 1700 years before plunging herself into the flames. It is said she has the ability to heal the land and purify the waters. Let her wisdom guide you. Her powers heal you with each sip.

Zendeghi Tea Pouch

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